Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Some Silly Fun

It's been a FUN year iNinjas.
I think you're awesome and am so glad we got to Tech together this year!

For today, we can just play around.
Here are a couple of links with silly, fun games you might like to try out. Just don't click on the ads. (Part of being a smart iNinja is knowing the difference between the ads and the good stuff. Hint: the ads always say something like "advertisement" below or next to them)

Random Game Websites:

(Do me a favor and avoid the violent ones, k? You can ask your parents about those later, but I don't want you to play them at school. Thanks)

Here's a website more for girls.

Here's one I thought was kind of cute :) :

Avatar Builders:
Another thing you might enjoy is making your own Avatar. An Avatar is a little picture you use when you're online instead of a photograph.
These are my Avatars:

Here are some websites where you can make your own. I'll show you how to download it when you're finished.

Mess Dudes

Build Your WIld Self
Clay Yourself

Make yourself into a Lego guy!