Thursday, April 25, 2013

Film Crew Links

Hi iNinjas.

For today's filming:

Green Screen: (We'll take turns filming against the green screen. See instructions below!!)
1. Dumpster Beach
Soren-Casey, Sam, Joshua

2. TV Reporter at the Beach
Drexell-Trevor, Tripp, Cole

3. Trashed City
Landon-Max, Jacob, Peter

4. Ocean
Evan-Tanner, Janelle, Kaleb, Nolan

5. Car & Ocean
Chase-Zoe, Thea, Clair

6. Beach
Sofia-Tia, Jade, Abi

7. Beach
Audrey-Jake, Hamish, Griffin

On Location: (Mrs. Hoffmann will go to your location with you)
8. In the Car
Olivia-Wesley, Camille

IMPORTANT info for Green Screen Teams:

We will take turns filming, so some of you will be waiting.
DON'T waste this waiting time--that would be totally UN iNinja-ish.
While you're waiting do this:

1. Watch this Tutorial about how to use Green Screen.

2. Do some careful (safe) searching for the backgrounds you would like to use.
Here is a link to a bunch of Beach Footage . There are plenty of shots here so choose one of these for your video and download it onto your laptop (we can move it later if we decide to use the lab). If you don't see what you need here, have a conversation with Mrs. Hoffmann before you go searching anywhere else. Thanks.

3. If there is time and if your PSA will have background music, you can go to this Stock Music Site and find a clip of music you like. The clips are organized by style in the right hand column.
I think I'll need to login in order for you to download it, so once you find something, bring me your laptop and I'll log you in.

Good luck.
Remember to be Stealth and sort of Invisible. And Trustworthy.
Be iNinja Awesome!

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