Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6th

We've got 3 jobs to accomplish today:

1. Finish our commercials and vote for a winner!

  • All work must be finished by 2:30
  • When you are finished go to the Share menu and share it as an iTunes file. Then put that file in my dropbox so I can post them here for all of us to see / hear. (Perhaps we can get some teachers to vote on them too...?)
  • If you are not finished by 2:30, just share what you have done and we'll go with that. It'll be fine.

2. Create Spelling lists on iPods for Mrs. Eriksson (I'll show you how. Audrey and Evan can show you too.)

  • When you're finished making your list, have me check and listen to it.

3. Have fun.

  • When you have finished your commercial AND I've listened to your spelling lists, you may explore the games on the iPods (but only AFTER you've finished the above--don't forget to be iNinjas--Trustworthy, Stealth, Flexible, Positive...all of that!)
Ready Go.
Have fun!

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