Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27th: Kindergarten Commercials

The Kindergarten classes have asked for our help with their Pizza Store Storyline. They want to make TV and Radio commercials for their Grand Openings, so today we need to check our Garage Band and iMovie skills to be ready for them.

Today's Challenge:

I will provide you with some audio and video files that were made by some Kinders this week and you will use that footage to create a commercial.

1. Choose a partner.

2. Choose a television commercial or a radio commercial. Here is the criteria for your commercial
- It must be under a minute.
- It must have music to complement the message.
- It must somehow include the key information, which is:
    Swirly Pizza Grand Opening
    Tuesday, March 5th from 5-7pm
    Highland Elementary Classroom 9
    Pizza is $1 per slice
    Proceeds will go to Highland's Sparrow

3. We will vote on our favorite commercial at 3:15, and yours must have all the above criteria in order to be entered.

4. *Bonus: The Radio commercial will be easier to complete but will be less creative. If you complete one commercial (TV or Radio) with time leftover and want to try working on the other one also, your team will get an automatic extra vote at voting time (even if the second one isn't complete). The extra vote will give your team a better chance at winning the challenge, but if your work isn't quality, you may not get votes from anyone else and not win even with the extra. So Quality is important and so is using time wisely.

Jordan and I will be available to help you with Garage Band and iMovie.

Have fun and be awesome.


PS. The video and audio footage is in my project box in a folder called: Kinder Pizza Files

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