Monday, February 18, 2013

February 20th

You guys are awesome!
The teachers LOVED your Valentines! :)

Alright. Here's our plan for today:

2:10 - Bring the Laptop Cart into the Computer lab so we can get it reorganized after OAKS! Phwew.
-Rewind all the cords
-Make sure each power brick is labeled with it's matching computer number (I'll bring some Sharpies)
-Fix any laptop labels (I'll bring the label maker)
-Let's pull out any power bricks that aren't working and test them with a different outlet and computer.

2:40 - Pages Poster Tutorial
-Let's look at some Minimalist posters.

Did you know we could make cool things like this in Pages?
Here are some my kiddos made:


Today we're going to do one of these together!

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