Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today's Printer Challenge

1. Find your Partner:

Landon & Drexell
Sofia & Evan & Olivia

2. Get out one laptop for you and your partner

3. Uninstall either the Martinson or Vickery Printer on your machine (choose one, don't uninstall both). Show me so I can verify it is uninstalled.

5. Now, Re-install that same printer on your laptop using the IP address (you'll probably need my Admin PW, so quietly put your hand up when you're ready for me to enter it).

6. Go to my Pickup box and find the "Print This" page.

7. Find a way to digitally write both of your names on this PDF. (This is the hard part. Do you know how to do this? Does your partner?)

8. Print to the printer you just installed and bring the printout back to me. (Don't run in the halls or on the stairs. Yikes, that would be bad!)

First team finished wins Ninja points. Any teams to demonstrate ANY of the Marks of the iNinja wins points also.

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