Friday, February 1, 2013

February 6th Game Plan

Hi Team.
What an amazing week for the iNinjas! We're getting almost more requests for your brilliant services than we have time to do. What a great problem to have!

All the feedback from the teachers you have helped has been incredibly positive, so the word is getting around and others keep asking when they can have you.
Rock ON iNinjas!
I'm so proud of you.

This week, lets get started on our Digital Citizen Passports and then see if we can get a big chunk of our laptop maintenance out of the way, ok?

To Do:
1. Go to the Digital Passport Website

Complete "Search Shark" module. (Don't just play the game. Watch the video, because it has the information you need to win the game. Go for the win.
Ninja points for any who complete Search Shark this can logon and do it at home if you like!)

2. When you finish Search Shark (or at 2:30, whichever comes first) Start working on your Laptop Check-ups.
Here is the list of what we've done so far (click on the image if you need it bigger).

3. At 3pm I have another iNinja Printer Challenge for you.
(I will post the challenge to this blog at 3pm, so have your computer ready to refresh at 3pm so you can see the post! There will be Ninja points for the first team to complete the challenge, but I will also be rewarding points for any iNinjas demonstrating the "Marks of the iNinja" while you're working on it!)

4. When you are finished with the Challenge, these are your choices:
1. Go back to finish your Shark Passport if not finished
2. Help me count out Earbuds for classrooms
3. Input spelling lists into the iPods for Mrs. Eriksson
4. Start creating your iNinja Notebook cover in Pages. (Chase did his at home, and he could be a great help if you get stuck on something in Pages. You can work on yours at home too, if you have Pages and would like to. You can also ask for my permission to spend some lunch time working on it if you wish. But I DO want you to use Pages for this project).

(Here's a picture of Chase's cover. How cool is this?!)

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